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STROUD SAFETY #4901 Small Spring Launcher Mechanical

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Drag Parachute Launcher - Upgrade - Mechanical - Pack / Spring Launcher - Black - Small Parachute - Kit


Stroud parachute launchers are the most advanced parachute deployment system on the market. Available in either mechanical or pneumatic styles, the chute launcher completely does away with pilot chutes and their inherent problems. Patented by Stroud Safety, the chute launcher was over 8 years in development. The chute launcher can be used from the slowest bracket car to Top Fuel cars. It is especially effective on the 1/8 mile courses, as it is not speed dependent like a pilot chute system. The mechanical system is spring deployed using a regular pull handle. It is ideal for cars that do not have an onboard air system. For those cars that have onboard air, or wish to, then the Stroud pneumatic chute launcher is ideal! It is lighter and easier to use than the spring launcher. Both systems work equally well and the parachute does not know the difference. If weight is a problem, then the new carbon fiber air launcher is for you. It weighs LESS than a standard Stroud chute with a pilot chute! All Stroud chute launchers come complete with all required mounting and operational equipment. Remember, the Stroud parachute launchers work ONLY with Stroud chutes. Using other type chutes is VERY dangerous! Call Stroud Safety for your specific needs.
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Manufacturer Part#4901
Air Restricted NO
Truck Freight OnlyNO
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