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TREND PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS #T930803 Pushrod - 3/8 .080 9.300 Long

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Pushrod - 9.300 in Long - 3/8 in Diameter - 0.080 in Thick Wall - Ball Ends - Chromoly - Each
PUSHROD - 3/8 .080 9.350 LONG

Inventing a new pushrod

Trend was the first to recognize that column deflection, harmonics, and compression of the pushrod would cause the net valve action to be significantly different from the travel created by the tappet. But these discoveries paled in comparison to tappet lofting. Until 1993 no one had ever heard of lofting, except in golfing circles. No wonder the efforts of so many professional race teams were failing in terms of power production. Cylinder head designs were improving and advanced machining technologies were paving the way for new, improved cam lobe profilesprofiles that could not have been produced in earlier days. Yet power output was not responding in like fashion. Engine simulation software would show that potential BMEP (brake mean effective cylinder pressure) should have been created, but instead it was being lost. Prior to the Spintron there was no verifiable method to confirm what design elements of the pushrod were actually required. For proper pushrod design, it is imperative to see in real time what is happening as it is forced to open the valve via all of the intermediate components. To accomplish this, the Spintron employs a high-powered AC electric motor that spins a substitute crankshaft in a test engine. This, in turn, spins the camshaft which motors the valve train while an advanced laser camera tracks valve motion and pushrod behavior.
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Manufacturer Part#T930803
Air Restricted NO
Truck Freight OnlyNO
WarningsThese products may contain a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm
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