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MOROSO #17040 24.0/5.0-15 DS-2 Front Drag Tire

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Tire - Drag Front - DS2 - 24.0 x 5.0-15 - Bias-Ply - 4 Ply Nylon - White Lettering - Each

24.0/5.0-15 DS-2 FRONT

Why waste valuable horsepower "pushing" a street tire down the track Engineered specifically for racing, Moroso Drag Race Front Tires are ultra-light to reduce unsprung weight and rolling resistance. Moroso's original Drag Special Front Tire features a unique tread design for greater high speed stability without requiring higher inflation pressures. Our new DS-2 model uses an innovative, aircraft-inspired tread that provides low rolling resistance on acceleration, and a broader footprint during braking. Either will get you off the line and down the track faster than any other brand! And each tire is 100% inspected for defects -- even the slightest blemish causes the tire to be rejected.

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Manufacturer Part#17040
Air Restricted NO
Truck Freight OnlyNO
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