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7in Sbc 1 Piece Seal Pan

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Engine Oil Pan - Oval Track - Rear Sump - 8 qt - 7 in Deep - Steel - Cadmium - Small Block Chevy - Each

STYLE: Most versatile and popular Left Turn wet sump. Fits front steer chassis with both aftermarket and Camaro front ends. Fits other chassis when the engine is moved.

SIZE: 7" Deep, 15" Wide, 12" Long sump has an 8 quart system capacity.

FEATURES: Competition baffling with 6-Trap doors and 3-runners, bolt in slosh baffle, and windage tray with scrape, oil level check, temp. fitting, and magnetic drain plug.

STARTER: Works with all starter flywheel combinations.

#11-120 for pre 80 blocks with left side dipstick.
#11-120M for 80 to 85 blocks with right side dipstick.
#11-120T for 86 and newer blocks with one piece seal.

#20-040 Pickup for SM. BL. Reg. Vol. Pumps.
#20-042 Pickup for S.B.S.V. with 3/4" tube #M155HV.
#20-070 Pickup for SM. BL. High Vol. Pumps.
#20-072 Pickup for S.B.H.V. with 3/4" tube #M155HV.
#20-077 Pickup for Melling #M10555 Pumps.
#20-100 Pickup for Big BL. (5-Bolt) Pumps.

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Manufacturer Part#11-120T
Air Restricted NO
Truck Freight OnlyNO
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