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Corvette Rear Rotors

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Brake Rotor - EradiSpeed + 2 - Rear - Directional / Drilled / Slotted - 14.000 in OD - 2 Piece - Iron - Natural - GM Y-Body 1997-2013 - Kit


  • Baers Eradi Speed Plus 2 Rotors are custom-cast to replace your year, make and models stock discs
  • The ideal match for larger-than-stock wheelsthe Eradi Speed Plus 2 Rotors sport a bigger disc diameter for greater leverage and improved breaking torque
  • Relocates your stock calipers outward to fit around the Eradi Speed Plus 2 Rotors larger diameterincludes all hardware for the repositioning
  • The groundbreaking 2-pieces Eradi Speed Plus 2 Rotors deliver responsive braking power without the excessive weight of old-fashioned 1-piece rotors
  • The Eradi Speed Plus 2 Rotors are sectionalthe outer disc is crafted from a rugged blend of iron, and the inner hub is CNC machined from lightweight aluminum
  • Baers proprietary iron formula in the Eradi Speed Plus 2 Rotors provides increased friction with diminished wearprolonging the life of your pads
  • Increased mass along the firepath (where the pads rub against the rotors) adds a more substantial heat sink for intense durability under even the most grueling conditions
  • The innovative curved directional vanes in your Eradi Speed Plus 2 Rotors move fresh air across the face of the discs to vent heat and improve cooling
  • The Eradi Speed Plus 2 Rotors utilize a reverse rotational slotting and cross-drilling patternthe standard design for racecars the world over
  • Cross-drilling and slotting not only enhance your autos image, they nearly eliminate outgassing, pad glazing and excessive brake dust accumulation
  • Your Eradi Speed Plus 2 Rotors are slotted and cross-drilled to improve bad weather braking, to equalize pad surface wear and to add an aggressive initial bite to your brakes
  • Holes are cross-drilled behind the vanes to prevent any hairline fractures while maintaining high structural integrity
  • The surface of your Eradi Speed Plus 2 Rotors are zinc plated to ward off rust and surface scalesits normal for this finish to wear off along the firepath after 300-400 miles of regular braking
  • Your Eradi Speed Plus 2 Rotors boast a straightforward installationno bleeding required
  • Built with pride in the USA
  • Baer backs your Eradi Speed Plus 2 Rotors with a Lifetime Warranty against warping

For the strength to stop larger-than-stock wheels, give your factory disc brakes a serious shot in the arm with the Eradi Speed Plus 2 Rotors. These massive discs have big diameters to offset the additional stresses that oversized rims place on stock rotors. Even if you're cruising around on 20 wheels, youll be able to stop on dimes, pennies, quarters, any currency you want.

Dont be tricked by the Eradi Speed Plus 2 Rotors whopping sizethese discs are surprisingly light, thanks to their 2-piece design. The sturdy outer disc is a proprietary blend of iron with extra girth along the firepath for superior durability. The center hub is CNC machined from lightweight aluminum.

More than just cosmetic, the Eradi Speed Plus 2 Rotors slotting and cross-drilling prevent outgassing, improve wet weather handling and add an aggressive bite to your brake pedal. The curved directional vanes reduce surface temperatures and block heat buildup. Lifetime Warranty.

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Manufacturer Part#2302021
Air Restricted NO
Truck Freight OnlyNO
WarningsThis product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel - Toluene-diisocayanate, which is/are known to the State of California to cause cancer
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