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WILWOOD #15B-3993K B Type Brake Pad GN

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Brake Pads - PolyMatrix B Compound - Medium Friction - High Temperature - Grand National lll Caliper - Kit

PolyMatrix B is an extremely versatile material with a wide range of performance for friction torque values and temperature range. It is the ideal choice for most short track asphalt categories and severe duty use on dirt tracks. "B" pads provide positive cold friction with immediate response for qualifying and restarts after long caution periods. As the pad and rotor temperatures begin to rise, a steadily increasing friction torque value curve provides "spike free" response, with smooth pedal modulation throughout the entire temperature range. As an added bonus, the high torque value and powerful stopping force remains fade-free, even when the rotors are glowing red!

"B" compound is a superb material on both cast iron and high strength steel alloy racing rotors. It reaches peak performance after one high temperature bedding cycle. Once bedded, it provides a consistently smooth transfer layer during sustained high temperature runs, and eliminates any engagement pulsing or chatter that can result from uneven material build up on the rotor faces. A smooth transfer layer also provides quick, predictable release for maximum consistency. The uniform thermal transfer characteristics of all PolyMatrix compounds will minimize hot spotting and heat checking. Rotor life is ultimately extended over other hard or abrasive brake pad compounds.

WIL-15B-3993KWilwood 15B-3993K PolyMatrix Pad Set - 7520 B GN III

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Manufacturer Part#15B-3993K
Air Restricted NO
Truck Freight OnlyNO
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