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FiTECH FUEL INJECTION #50004 340LPH Force Fuel System Black Finish

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340LPH Force Fuel System Black Finish
340LPH Force Fuel System Black Finish

Designed specifically to fuel FiTech EFI systems as well as other brands.
• Capable of supporting the fuel demands of an 800-hp engine on gasoline

•Sturdy, versatile mounting bracket provides a side or bottom mount

Effective 10-micron serviceable filter ensures the best filtration available

•Uses a 340 LPH fuel pump and internal regulator for reliable fuel supply
•Increased fuel capacity over other systems – no chance of cavitation

•Supplied with high pressure fuel hose, AN fittings, return line fitting bung and liquid filled gauge

•For use with E-85, alcohol or methanol based fuels

The all new FiTech Force Fuel System makes the upgrade to fuel injection even easier! The Force Fuel simply connects to a stock mechanical or electric fuel pump then supplies the EFI system with high pressure through the use of an internal 340-LPH pump. This means you don’t need to run a new feed line from the tank!

With a strong, versatile mounting bracket, the Force Fuel System mounts under and is fed with the original fuel pump. The assembly holds half-a- gallon of fuel to submerge the electric fuel pump to keep it cool for long life and no chance of fuel starvation. An internal regulator keeps the pressure at a consistent 58-psi which is ideal for reliable EFI performance.

A serviceable 10-micron fuel filter is supplied to keep the finest debris away from the injectors along with five feet of high pressure fuel hose, AN fittings and clamps. The precision machined extrusion is designed for strength and sealed tight. There is also an easy-to-view fuel pressure gauge installed for quick checks and heavy duty wire terminals are also supplied to complete the installation.

FiTech manufactures throttle body-style EFI systems. These self-tuning EFI systems are designed to be a simple and affordable solution for converting carbureted engines to fuel injection, as well as ground up or upgrade applications. In addition to complete EFI systems, FiTech also offers fuel system components such as fuel pumps, filters, lines, and more.
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Manufacturer Part#50004
Air Restricted NO
Truck Freight OnlyNO
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