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KOOL MAT #KOO1215 12in X 15in

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Heat Barrier - 12 x 15 in - Silicone Backing - Fiberglass Cloth - White - Each

12'' X 15'' KOOL MAT

Why Use Koolmat

It last the lifetime of the car!! Plus you won't need to redo the floor in four years when you have had it up to your ears of heat while riding to events..

KoolMat is a space age material used in thousands of Commercial, Industrial and Automotive applications. KoolMat is a composite material of silicone cured to the surface and weave of a high temperature fiberglass substrate. Weighing .72 per sq. foot and a thickness of .070. Because the silicone attaches itself to the textile, there is no separation, and no flow of air or liquids through KoolMat, this makes it an exellent sound deadening device too.The silicone offers a great resistance to abrasion, radiant heat, gasses and oils. No matter what temperatures. KoolMat is mildew resistant, flexible and can be die cut to any shape or size and still perform like no other barrier. KoolMat withstands 1000 F of radiant heat, is a composite and has no glues involved in manufacturing so there are no glues to burn off, no asbestos, easy to cut with razor knife or scissors, availabe in bulk or pre-cut kits, won't crack, peel, dry out, curl up, split, shrink or fade in 40 years. Used in 8O% of NASCAR and accepted by NHRA in October 1994.

1. Improves Your Ride

2.Stops 1000F.degrees radiant heat

3. Lowers sound by 23 decibels

4. Abrasion and mildew resistant

5. Will follow all contours

6. COMPOSITE -cured to 1200F - Silicone/Fiberglass

7. No asbestos or glues involved in the manufacturing

8. Easy to cut with box knife and install with hi-temp glues

9. Won't Crack, Peel, Dry Out, Curl Up, Split, or Shrink in 40 years.

10. Easy to die cut, water jet cut, laser cut, or hand cut.

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ManufacturerKOOL MAT
Manufacturer Part#KOO1215
Air Restricted NO
Truck Freight OnlyNO
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